Residential Measurement Standard (RMS)

RMS (Residential Measurement Standard): Represents Property above Grade Space

The dealings of real estate property involve buying, selling, and managing properties. Quantifying the physical area of the property is a daunting task that leads to creating inconsistency in calculating property measurements. For accurate and precise property measurements, Residential Measurement Standards sets the significant prospects that can be included in the measured area. RMS provides a reliable way to demonstrate property size to buyers and sellers.

Residential Measurement Standard demonstrates the property area above grade levels. The listings include information on the property below the grade area. The property area partially or below grade levels is not included. Ensuring that the listings communicate RMS area some considerations to offer in the measurements include:

  • The focus below-grade areas of the property
  • Accurately define structures not connected to the property
  • Define structures to meet user requirements

RMS Checklists

  • Buyer Representation
  • Seller Representation
  • Calculating Floor Area
  • Residential Property Styles
  • Exterior Real Estate Property Measurements
  • Measurement Conversions
  • Measurement Calculations


It depends upon the type of real estate property you want to measure.
    • Measuring attached properties: It includes apartments and duplexes. The attached properties are measured using the interior perimeter walls from floor level.
    • Measuring Detached Properties: It includes detached bare land condominiums. Detached properties are measured using the exterior walls from the foundation.

Upto 2500 sq.ft = $85+GST

What’s Included

  • Measurement Report with above grade total square footage.
  • Schematic Drawing Per RECA guidelines.
  • Does not include interior room dimensions.

      Turnover Time – Same Day


Single Level Apartment >1000 sq.ft = $99+GST

Up to 2,500 sq.ft = $109+GST

2,501 – 4,500 sq.ft = $129+GST

What’s Included

  • Detailed Measurement Report
  • Schematic Drawing Per RECA guidelines.
  • Room Dimensions
  • Washroom Count
  • Basement Measured free of charge(Schematic Drawing charged extra)

      Turnover Time – Same Day


      Travel fees outside city Limits ( except Chestermere, Airdrie ) = $0.50 per Km (From city limits) to and from the property.

RMS Enforcement

The RMS enforcement of standards focuses on providing information and suggestions to obtain compliance and safety to consumers. It ensures that the enforcement of standards is proportionate, precise, and consistent.

Why RMS is Necessary to consumers

  • Describes the property size accurately
  • Makes sure buyers get precise property measurements
  • Let’s Buyers and Sellers can compare the size of different properties
  • Let’s rentals accurately describe their rental real estate property size
  • Accurate information to the tenants regarding leased space size

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