Professional photography is not about taking interior and exterior photos of your real estate property but it is about taking fresh and appealing photos that help you expand your list of services. The photographic equipment has to speed up the overall process that creates a massive completion in the real estate business. Realizing the need for a growing trend in photography services, our professional photographers take high-quality photos of the inside and outside of your home.

Our experience and high level of attention to detail mean you will get photographs that will help your property stand out. We provide professional High-quality photography services in Calgary, Canada, for a consistent workflow. So, here is how we work to proffer images and measurement data.

Here is the Workflow Process Simplified in the Following Steps

  • Capturing High-Quality Images: Our Professional Photographers capture the 360° images and the data of Real Estate properties. Once the measurement data is captured by our professional photographers, the drafting team processes it for further work operations.
  • Drafting Plans: The drafting team gets the captured images, as 360° images get captured by professional photographers. Our team uses these for drafting & interpreting floor plans with accurate room dimensions. Also, our highly qualified team delivers turnarounds that go beyond industry standards.
  • Shared To Clients: Our team shares high-quality images offline and online to market the real estate property. We provide the best quality images to the buyers and the renters. They can get a broader view of the area before they make any decision regarding the property for purchasing.
  • Easily connect with Buyers & Renters: We work to offer accurate floor plans and measurements with high-quality images. Our services let the buyers and the renters have a 360° view of the real estate property. So, they can get the essentials necessary for buying or renting the property.


  • Single level conventional condo/apartment up to 1000 sq.ft (Up to 30 Photos) = $99
  • Up to 2500 sq.ft (Up to 35 Photos) = $129
  • 2501 sq.ft – 4500 sq.ft (Up to 50 Photos)  = $149
  • Twilight photos – $49
  • Twilight Conversion from a day time Photo =  $29
  • Virtual Staging – $40 per picture


Turnover time – 24 Hours

Travel fees outside city Limits ( except Chestermere, Airdrie ) = $25

Please see our bundle package pricing for more savings.

Our Services

  • 360° High-Quality Images Of Your Real Estate Properties
  • 24*7 Customer Support For Rapid Floor Plans & Measurements
  • Bundle Packages For All Businesses
  • Improved Delivery Of Images
  • Cost-Effective Solutions TO Meet Your Needs

Please feel free to Contact Global Measurements Inc. today for more information and queries about 3D virtual tours & Photography services. We have Special Services Available for our Customers in Calgary, Canada.